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Coûtant Private Veterinarian®- the bespoke Private Veterinary Consultancy. Dr Elise Robertson specialises in providing world-class veterinary care for beloved cat and dog family members.


Placing the utmost importance on specialised care and strict confidentiality, Dr Elise Robertson offers highly personalised private veterinary care to elite households worldwide, including those based in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.


At once professional and approachable, Dr Elise Robertson fosters trusted relationships with each valued household member and individual pet; overseeing bespoke preventative health care plans, as well as ill-health consultancy for minimally invasive medical or surgical interventions, as appropriate.


Coûtant offers the select few an opportunity to receive individualised veterinary care from globally respected Feline Veterinary Diplomate, Dr Elise Robertson. Orchestrating the best available health care for domestic pets, as per the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and American Board of Veterinary Specialties (ABVS) Professional Code of Conduct, Coûtant provides the peace of mind of having an expert on standby at all times. Dr Elise Robertson collaborates with resident primary veterinarian and household caretakers to ensure the finest veterinary care for each cat and dog family member.


Highly respected for her global contributions to feline medicine and minimally invasive veterinary interventions, Dr Elise Robertson is a celebrated veterinary pioneer, author, and lecturer. Additionally, Dr Elise Robertson is an esteemed member of a myriad of prestigious associations and has been awarded numerous fellowships over the course of her career, granting her clientele access to the world’s most trusted veterinary interventional radiologists, oncologists, cardiologists, dentists, and neurologists, should further assistance in any particular niche be recommended.


At 5 years of age, a dream was born. Encouraged by her supportive grandmother, Mrs Kerr née Coûtant, young Elise pursued her feline veterinary passion. Today, a foremost Diplomate in feline veterinary practice, Dr Elise Robertson combines her devotion to household companions with nearly two decades of global expertise and experience to offer exclusive and unrivalled Private Veterinary Consultancy services.